Saturday, 17 November 2012

  • The benefits of gaining ISO 9001 Certification with KAYZED CONSULTANTS for your organization are numerous and include the name a few.

./ Qualifying as a preferred supplier when tendering…This ensures you are put to theTop of the pile’ giving a much higher chance of winning contracts over those without certification

./  Gaining the competitive edge over your rivals…..Displaying the ISO 9001 Logo on your stationery and web site instills confidence in your existing and potential clients ensuring you a far greater prospect of retaining already won and winning more new clients!

./  Improve your Business and Management Processes.Tidying up existing processes and adding  new will stream line your business and reduce risk of expensive mistakes subsequently reducing unnecessary costs and raising profits!

./  Improved traceability within your organizationGood document and record control will reduce the time taken to find what your looking for giving you and your team more time to do the things that earn the company money and more profit!

./ Identify potential problems and eliminate costly errors Spotting expensive problems before they arise allows you to put in preventative actions saving time and money!

./  Greater customer satisfaction.. Implementing simple ways to manage client expectation shows them you care…. because you are listening to themThey Stay with you and should recommend you based on the personal service you offer More Clients More Profit!

./  Improved Staff motivationWell managed  staff are happier staff…... Happy staff are productive staff…………better productions means higher profits!

./  Increased Company Profitability.All the above lead to better performance from staff and a greater confidence from clients old and new. This ensures consistency within the company and far greater opportunity for a well support growth in business and the subsequent increase in turn-over and profits that come as reward for good Quality Management.

Become  one of the Hundreds of Companies that enjoy the benefits of  KAYZED  CONSULTANTS

100% first time pass success for ISO 9001 Certification!


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