Thursday 6 December 2012

Acheving ISO 14001 Certification

KAYZED And Your Company

The benefits of gaining ISO 14001 Certification with KAYZED for your organization are numerous and include the name a few.

./   Be recognized as an environmentally friendly company…. Win the confidence of new   clients  and  Win  more  contracts  raising  turnover  and  profits  for  your company.

./   Reduce energy consumption…. Less energy costs and more profit

./   Enhance  the well  being  of  your employees. Happy employees are productive employees. More production, more turn over more profit

./     Retain more of your existing customers. Boast about your new environmental credentials to your existing client base, setting an example and leading the way

./     Tender for larger contracts. Open the door to more lucrative contracts with huge advantage over competitors. Larger contracts can mean larger profits

./   Reduce  waste… Save money on expensive waste disposal charges. Less outlay more profits

Over the last few years ISO 14001  has become  The Internationally recognized

Bench Mark for an organizations Environmental Credentials.

A well  managed  ISO 14001 system not only  shows  your commitment to the environment to existing and potential new clients but provides a solid  foundation to build  your business on, ensuring continued reduction in costs and continued increase in profits from the many savings  ISO 14001 can bring.

Become one of the Hundreds of Companies that enjoy the benefits of KAYZED

100% first time pass success for ISO 14001 Certification!